• The ‘golden years’ phase of life is a time of great transitions for many seniors and sometimes it can be traumatic and unsettling. The world that a senior used to inhabit has changed and this will have an impact personally, socially and financially. During this period of transition seniors will have choices as how to spend their retirement.  We are all unique and one solution is not a good fit for everyone. Doing nothing is also an option considered by some seniors. However, research conducted on maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, both physically and psychologically, indicate that it is beneficial to seniors to engage in some kind of activity during retirement.

Below are federal government links that provide helpful information to seniors during this major transition in life:

Public Health Agency of Canada/Agence de la santé publique du Canada

Services and Benefits for Seniors

In order to smooth the transition period from ‘work’ to ‘retirement’, seniors should consider getting involved in various activities to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Work: Remaining in current job; Starting a new career;  Working part-time

Education: Continuing Education; Learning new things

Volunteer Work: Agencies for volunteerism; Hospitals; Libraries; Cultural organizations

Creative activities: Art, photography; crafts; writing; gardening; meditation; dancing; music;  hiking and more ….

Health and Wellness: Preventive health care; Health care costs; Long-term care;  Home care; Health Insurance;  Emotional and Mental wellbeing; Addictions; Exercising and Fitness; Illnesses prevalent in seniors