Walking into Age …Have you Loved Enough?

By Francine Van, Guest Contributor

I live a simple life, my place has basic needs without the richness of excess, although for me, it houses so many life treasures both lived and unlived.  I feel the gratitude of pure luck being born in this country, at this time in the universe, or was it all intended just as it is?  Stories from other countries cannot be ignored when pushed into your face telling of despair and desperation.  Neglect and terror scream for focus and I am reminded of the luxury of even considering a search for purpose.  Survival is purpose for many.  When we are young, this society and school pushes reform into the norm, yet individuality is what we seek as we grow. Be different is good advice. Age brings wisdom, as popularity loses importance.

I pray for the children that never know the meaning of love.  Hostages for a human race that kills its own and kills our habitat sincerely keeps me in question.  The possibilities and technology available, with a new generation more compassionate, gives hope our abilities can overcome.  We can create a new world with balance and union.  Globalization is a key requirement. Contributions to the cause are becoming visible spraying hope in new places and people. Watching societies put focus on helping “one” and saving “one” yet will turn away when hundreds of thousands are killed, raises concern. No discussion needed, we all know the answer.  I will not be here to see the result in this body.

Death, in contrast forecasts change in perception.  Can death be love?  Our elders, including myself, express desire to exit without waiting for natural pathways to death. Life swerves and for some the road is too difficult to bear. Death appears to be the freedom from the burdens of this life, and even if not burdened, the promise of a rebirth to a better space of energy. The fear of how you will die seems more fearful than the dying itself. Our world is over populated with new threats of death. There are no saviours. We are living in a war zone; it is just not identified as a structured war. There is no exit from death. We are all on this road.

For now, find a level of contentment. When love exudes through your pores, know this vibration of contentment can be achieved as the norm.  This aliveness secret can be lost in our busyness of life but was known by many of our historic teachers giving advice to live in awareness and mindfulness.

Have you loved enough?

About Golden Wave Movement Canada

The Golden Wave Movement is a made up of engaged individuals who have serious concerns about the increasing challenges retirees surviving on modest pension incomes face nowadays. While our main purpose is to raise awareness of the financial difficulties faced by this vulnerable group of citizens, we also intend to raise awareness regarding challenges related to their physical, emotional and psychological well-being and how to enjoy their golden years.
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2 Responses to Walking into Age …Have you Loved Enough?

  1. France says:

    I think that we will never love enough, as Love is Everything that helps saving the human beings from any bad energy in nowaday’s world. Love oneself first, then love others and care for each other, this is why we are here for and how we grow together towards a better future. Thank You, Francine, for this deep reflexion on the essence of life.

    Love is a pink dot on the ” i ” of the French verb ” aimer “. (Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac)


  2. Teg says:

    I read the wonderful article by Francine, here are my two cents.
    Love is very powerful. If we think about it love is not limited by time and space, we can love someone who lives on a different continent, and we can love someone who is no longer around, a deceased family member or a friend.
    Hate is also the most awful emotion when it’s expressed by us or by government of nations…we can hate people or nations in other continent. As you know a lot of the news every day are stories that involve hate and malice. Over the century greed has instigated hate. With the exception of natural disaster, what we see currently in the world…people being displaced from their own country and home, not having enough to eat, and struggling for basic survival…is the creation of the so called developed nations out of greed, in particular the United States government and/or corporations, which goes to other sovereign countries and instigate hate between different ethnic or religious group through divide and rule, merely for their own economic benefit; in order to exploit nations of their economic resources, and also to sell them armaments in order to boost their own local economy. We the citizens of the western world, who have the luxury of considering a search for purpose in life, while people in other nations struggle for basic survival, we seem to forget that we have a better life standard and live in a relatively peaceful country at the expense of other peoples and nations. What are we doing about it?
    Considering what is going on in the world, I am still a believer that although hate is the most awful expression of humanity, LOVE is the most observable power which puts hate in the shade. I hope, as you stated Francine, “we can create a new world (a peaceful world) with balance and union”.


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