1. Gerri says:

    Volunteerism is a noble act … but it can also shift financial responsibiltiy of some corporations and government agencies on to ordinary citizens. There is good and bad aspects of volunteerism but I do acknowledge that there are tremendous benefits both to volunteering seniors and the recipients of volunteer work.


  2. Gayle says:

    This is a great post. Seniors can have greater life satisfaction and less psychological distress at this time of life. From the reports I’ve read volunteers are more satisfied than those who don’t. That includes the young and the old who volunteer. There is a strong relationship between health and well-being as reported in so many research studies on this topic.


  3. Randy says:

    Excellent post. Greater life satisfaction and less psychological distress are great outcomes from volunteering. I agree volunteers are more satisfied than those who don’t. There is a strong relationship between health and well-being and being engaged with your community.


  4. Nelson says:

    Pity this is ‘unpaid work’ especially in these tough times. They should include volunteer work when calculating the GDP and maybe offer some kind of a tax incentive for low-income seniors.


  5. SheilaR says:

    Older people often perceive retirement as a loss in many ways. It is not only as a loss of a job, but also as a loss of independnce, identification, direction or even a loss of meaning of life. Some have time on their hands but don’t know how to spend that time in a way that enhances this phase of their life. Volunteering can certainly have a positive impact on the lives of retirees and those who benefit from it. I like the way the notion of democracy has been included in volunteerism.


  6. Alex says:

    I do agree that volunteering is a very noble gesture. However I do have a concern about volunteerism and how that may or may not affect government obligations. Too much volunteerism might encourage governments to sidestep their basic responsibilities to citizens. After all, governments can’t run without our taxpayer dollars!!! In this continuing ‘recession’ and funding cuts volunteer work should be accorded some kind of small tax break specifically for volunteering seniors in the lower income bracket. Just a thought …..


  7. Sarah says:

    That quote on volunteerism is awesome! It is one of the most profund explanations of volunteerism I have ever come across. Volunteerism for retirees is definitely a worthy ‘quid pro quo’ situation since everybody can benefit. I like the connection showing how volunteerism enables democracy in society.


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